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I RAN 102km IN MAY

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

At the start of last month, I set off on a new running goal, to run 100km throughout the month. As I spoke about in my last post, I felt like I had got to a bit of a standstill with running. I was doing similar distances most runs, and I really wanted something new to look forward too. After my first 10k run, I knew that I could do more. I felt so good after that run that this challenge didn't seem too far out of reach. Each week I would aim to run at least 1 long run of 10k minimum, and managed to do my personal best distance of 12km. The rest of the runs that week would usually just fall around it and I aimed for 25k a week. It was doable, and didn't seem ridiculous either. I made sure that I was training in other ways aside to running, and made recovery my top priority too so I could continue running throughout the week with no issues. After just the first week I felt really strong, and my mindset for running seemed to be at it's best.

AND IT ALL WORKED! I managed and trained myself and my body in a way that made this challenge doable, and I did it! I am so proud that I was able to stick to this goal for the whole month and not let it slip. It kept me accountable for days that I didn't really feel motivated and wasn't sure what to do with myself. The endorphins you get from doing a run, whether it is long or short just seem to make everything better.

This month, JUNE (ummm how?) I am not going to have a specific goal of distance. However, I want to start getting faster and maybe doing some sprint training? Could give it a go and see what it's like. I also want to keep working on my distance and try running to new places. I feel like I've got to the point where I'm running in circles around the same parks and areas of South London, which I love, but also feel like I can see so much more if I go that little bit further. It wouldn't have to be too far, Tower Bridge is only 5km away from where I live so it is totally doable.

Continuing into lockdown, and not really having any idea when things might feel a little normal again, I need to stay positive. We all do. May seemed to be a month of stressing and anxious thoughts alongside my training. Nothing specifically happened, but coming to terms with going into another month of lockdown is scary. I got to a point where I wasn't sure how much more I could do in my flat, as I felt like I was going round in circles. Yes, going out for socially distanced picnics did really help, and also the sun!! But coming back to the same place is really hard! I realised just how important socialising and seeing and communicating in person with people you know and love is. Chatting on the phone can only go so far. I just wanted to mention this because although May was a really great month for my running and training, some other things did slip out of the window, and that is totally okay. On Monday, 1st June, I sat in the park and made a list of goals that I wanted to achieve for June. I think this was really important for me as clearly working towards a running goal last month worked. I set myself personal and business goals. I will hold myself accountable for these goals throughout the month, and hopefully they help to guide my daily practice in a time that is really frustrating. We all need to take it easy, and remember that everyone is totally in the same boat.

10 things I will remember about May:

  1. If you stick to a challenge and make it a priority, you can do it

  2. There is nothing that you can't do

  3. I love running, even if I say I hate it before I go

  4. I hit my longest run yet

  5. I hit my fastest 5km yet

  6. Running will always put me in a better mood, no matter how I am feeling before I go

  7. Sometimes there are days where you just don't want to do something, and that is okay, there will always be tomorrow

  8. Take care of yourself, rest days are just as important as physically and mentally challenging and busy days

  9. ALWAYS drink lots of water before a hot run

  10. Avoid running at mid day at all costs

I love how much running supported me last month, and how much is changed my day when I really needed it. June is going to be a good one, and I hope that you all fly through it with motivation and creativity, and of course a smile too!

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