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M o v e m e n t   W o r k - captured by film 

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RUDEcompany | After You Finish Laughing

How did I get here? When did we grow up? Should we look back on our past or focus on our future? After you finish laughing will you just end up in a washing basket again, drunk and confused and still no idea how you got there? Nine dancers and one musician present their nostalgia, confusion and fear of growing up. 

This film present's my third-year final piece. RUDEcompany co-founded by Imogen Osborn, Bella Blythe, and myself, Darcie Webb. 

RUDEdancers: Grace Betony Newman, Laura Cutlan, Minnie Edwards, G Jerrett, Nathan Krifdom, Melanie Whitehead Smith, Imogen Osborn, Darcie Webb

RUDEmusician: James Scarle

Camera Operators: Dominique de Villiers, Ellie Price

Editor: Grace Mosley

Special Thanks: Kyra Norman, Lily Wootten, Dan O'Sullivan, William Tanner

EXIT is a one-shot film directed by Imogen Osborn, the founder of Blue Freckle Collective.


Co-choreographed by Boon Wongpaisan and dancers: Darcie Webb, Isobel Bridge, Laura Malam, Tia Hurman, Georgia Aiken, Kiera Sanderson, Charlotte Mereli, Nathan Krifdom, Yael Matt and Dreia Sin Tacones

Videography: Dan O'Sullivan

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Blue Freckle Collective | Exit

WhatsApp Image 2019-03-01 at 7.20.00 PM.

RUDEcompany | RUDEimprovisation 

RUDEcompany presents RUDEimprovisations, a short film of our 3-hour improvisation session, which took place at the start of the research and development process of our piece 'After You Finish Laughing'.

RUDEdancers: Grace Betony Newman, Laura Cutlan, Minnie Edwards, G Jerrett, Nathan Krifdom, Melanie Whitehead Smith, Imogen Osborn, Darcie Webb, Bella Blythe

RUDEmusician: James Scarle

Videography: Dan O'Sullivan

Photography: William Tanner

Editor: Imogen Osborn


A film directed by Immy Starr

7 dancers: Darcie Webb, Holly Jones, Kimberly Lippe, Minnie Edwards, Indigo Mathews, Anna Pecinova and Hannah Warren

Videography & Editing: Theo Cockrean


Imogen Starr | Heliophilia

Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 12.08_edited.j

Company LOK | Heedless

Company LOK presents 'Heedless'

Co-founders: Holly Jones, Thomas Mason, Lewis Bristow

Dancers: Holly Jones Thomas Mason Lewis Bristow Morgan Greenslade Darcie Webb Brandon Holloway Katherine Sweet Minnie Edwards Yixuan Kwek Maria Evans

Camera Operators: Dominique de Villiers, Jemima Muir

Editor: Grace Mosley

First Year, Site-Specific Module

Created around the history of Tremough House, Penryn, Cornwall

Dancers: Bella Blythe, Imogen Osborn, Darcie Webb, Isobel Bridge

Camera Operators: Adam Kibble, William Tanner

Music and Editing: Imogen Osborn

Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 11.43_edited.j

Les Filles de la Croix

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