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Kind Words

'Kind Words' will give you access to 2 x 30-minute practices that are chair-based or standing with gentle stretching and a focus on breathing, a monthly Q&A and 1 x 15-minute meditation. ​

Chair based yoga is exactly that!

You will be guided through poses that have been adapted to support a body that is of reduced mobility. Parts of the practice will be standing too, possibly using the chair for support if needed, stretching and moving through gentle flows that support the body positively, keeping the muscles active and engaged.


You will also have access to 15-minute monthly meditation. In this session, you will be guided through different breathwork techniques to allow the body and mind to settle, as well as a meditation practice. Finally, once a month you will have the opportunity to take part in a Q&A session which will be posted to the member's area. 


Who's this for?

Aimed for all the beautiful yogis who have restricted mobility, and require a more accessible practice that will help mobilise gentle

Humans who have more of a sedentary lifestyle, or who live with particular physical constraints

Perfect for anyone with weak or injured wrists - as we won't be upside down!

Access to a couple of shorter practices a month


1 x 30-minute chair practice


1 x 15-minute meditation

3rd Saturday of the month

Q&A uploaded here to the member's area


1 x 30-minute chair pracitce


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