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Live Online Yoga Classes

With many people continuing to work from home for part of the week, we have decided to continue to offer online practice, providing access to direct teaching support wherever in the world you are based! 


Yoga is a perfect practice to take your focus to the positive, give yourself time to decompress, to get yourself moving, before, during or after your work or family day - and if you are with children, they may enjoy it too!

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Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa yoga or Flow yoga is an ideal practice when you have spent hours sitting at a desk in meetings on zoom calls or doing repetitive movements.  Seamless movement between postures characterises the practice. We will focus on steady, considered transition. 


The method should be comfortable for each practitioner, so recognising various levels of capability by giving options on the posture and speed of the flow. 

I am currently teaching Vinyasa Flow in my Online Classes. If you are based in South West London, I would love to see you at Oncore, Clapham London!  You can view class schedules at

Contact Us to check the latest class and workshop schedule.


1:1 Sessions

1:1 sessions are an opportunity to fine-tune your practice, working towards your personal fitness goals in the comfort of your own home.  1:1 sessions will include tailored practices, where I will work with you to develop a plan and schedule of sessions where we can work together at your pace. 

The plan may include slow flow, power flow, vinyasa or meditation. This may also include other disciplines such as dance-based fitness and improvisation, from your chosen place-list to inspire your movement.   


Time focused on you is time well spent -  to accelerate your progress! 

NOTE: Currently being held via Whatsapp! and Zoom.

Contact Us for more information


Corporate Classes

Corporate classes are offered to companies, small or large, to support your staff's well-being. Located in the place of work, or scheduled and delivered via zoom sessions, these classes allow employees with busy schedules the chance to take 20-30 minutes to focus on their well-being. 

Classes can be tailored and may include Vinyasa flows, meditation, or a more fast-paced dance-based session.  

Contact us for more information. 


Yoga for Young People

In-School or out in the community - Yoga and dance-based movement is a powerful tool for self-exploration and awareness. Regular practice through the teenage years can help to balance the body and support a young person's ever-changing emotions - as well as being an excellent activity to strengthen the body, develop flexibility and promote total well-being. 

We have developed a series of sessions that can be delivered integrated as a supplement to a regular curriculum, or as an extra-curriculum social activity. Alternatively, we welcome the opportunity to develop a bespoke series or workshop to meet a specific brief. 

Schools and Youth Organisations may contact us here for more information 

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