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Welcome to - toflow&co, a creative platform to share the practice of yoga and movement.


I was born and grew up in Singapore, a multi-cultural city-state full of colour and architecture. The city inspired and influenced my drive and passion for creating movement. 


I moved to England in 2016 to attend Falmouth University and graduated in 2019 with a 1st Class Honours in Dance & Choreography. In the third year of my degree, my work converged on the body, mind and movement and alongside my degree commitments, my yoga practises gained momentum.

I am fascinated by how we work under pressure and how as individuals, we acclimatise to our choices and decisions, whether in fitness or daily life. A particular interest and study  - focuses on when we need a moment of silence and stillness and the consequences of embracing or ignoring that need. I completed my Yoga Alliance Certification in 2019 and continue to grow my practice and teaching to combine musical influenced movement with my yoga practice through workshops and regular classes. If you live in London, I’d love for you to join classes with me at Oncore, Clapham.

I will share my activities and experiences through my social channels and hope to share the studio with you very soon. 


Best wishes,



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